Business in HoloWorld is not a matter of buying low and selling high. There is little value in drumming up artificial demands for stuff people don't really need, and in exploiting one's sources of raw goods and manpower.

Rather, business is a cooperative win-win relationship. People will choose to band their efforts together and will all draw upon the advantages of the synergies between their varied resources and skills.

Businesses are not black boxes that people buy blindly from based on advertisements and sales talk. Rather, consumers will insist on knowing who they are dealing with before they enter into any kind of business relationship, including buying anything from a certain company.

Widely accessible information databases about different products and services, about the companies that produce them, and the results people have had with them, will change the way everybody does business.

Before you acquired say a lawnmower from a certain business, you would first educate yourself on what there is to know about lawnmowers. You would ask other people and you would look up in knowledge databases. You would also look up the record of satisfaction of any prospective vendors for the product. You would find out what the philosophy of this vendor is, why they do what they are doing.

It would be difficult for businesses to be dishonest about what they offer, and anybody who is will tend to go out of business, because people are just too well informed. Instead businesses will aim at providing the best possible service for the maximum number of customers.

Money will play less and less a part in business activities. This ties in with an economic system that rewards the production of value. It is more valuable to make a product or service easily or freely available to many people than it is to make it hard to come by, requiring large exchanges of money, keeping it for the few rather than the many.

Thus business tends to become just another activity. Something a group of people are doing because they feel like doing it, and because it serves some kind of need. They will be rewarded for adding value to people's lives, and the controllers of resources that they need to produce their products will tend to support the cause voluntarily when they see that it is perceived to be of value.

No licenses are required to do any kind of business. Customers are kept informed about the value of services that a certain business offers by accessing information databases.

There is no limited responsibility available for businesses. The individuals who take part in a business will be personally responsible for what they do.