Humanity is part of nature. It is not above the rest of nature, but not below it either. Humanity has a unique role to play and will necessarily leave the world a little different than it found it.

Harmony with nature and respect for its expressions is a pervasive HoloWorld principle. Both nature in terms of the environments we live in, and also our own inner nature. A uniquely human quality on this planet is the ability to think abstractly and to develop technology to amplify our range of action. As such, technology can be considered a part of nature. That doesn't give us any right to try to rule all of nature, but it does give us a right to add our technological capability to the workings of nature, not in conflict, but in co-operation and synergy. Thus sustainable technology, taking into consideration the overall systems it is part of, becomes the norm.

A general approach is to leave the environment mostly alone except for concentrated facilities needed for human purposes. The golden rule is to always cultivate less than 50% of any given environment, and leave the rest in its natural biodiversity. So, you are not going to see squaremile upon squaremile of continuous farmland. Just as you aren't going to see mile after mile of continuous suburbs.

Human systems are designed to be sustainable. The whole system and all cycles in it are taken into consideration in designing any human construction. We don't take resources out of the earth without working out how they will be replenished again. We have no landfills and don't dump non-biodegradable trash in the oceans or anywhere else. We participate in natural cycles, rather than trying to make them end with us.

We take an active role in re-generating biosystems in areas where they have been devastrated. Popular projects are reforestation of deserts, reconstruction of lost habitats, expansion of rainforests.

Industrialized farming or fishing on open land or sea is phased out. Agriculture is done intensively in hydroponic farms, not outside, covering all the land. Fishing is done in fish farms, not in the ocean itself.