A sense of adventure is amongst the essentials in HoloWorld. There is no enforced uniformity of how things are done, and there is no attempt to conquer or control nature. So, there is a lot of variation in how life is expressed, and there are a lot of very different environments to explore.

The way ownership is arranged, there aren't a whole lot of artificial barriers to going exploring. There is no ownership of land, so nature isn't off limits to anybody. You can't just fence off the most interesting places to go.

Information isn't owned either, so there is not a great deal to stop one from exploring the subjects one is interested in.

As it would be common knowledge that many HoloWorlders enjoy adventure, extra attention is paid to facilitating this, in the design of buildings and environments and systems of all kinds. First of all a great diversity and a selection of choices is found everywhere. Also, most designs will have multiple depths and levels of intimacy to them. The inside of a house is not necessarily apparent from looking at the outside. There will be surprises, unexpected transitions.

Thought it also given to how to make environments pretty safe to exploration. For example, one wouldn't just put all the sensitive electronics in a building into one closet and then hope that nobody goes in there. A prevalent design strategy is to make distributed, failure-proof systems that keep working even when they are exposed to the world. If one piece of a system breaks down, another will be there to take over.

Exploration is not just something to do when one is done with one's more serious jobs. Exploration and adventure is for many people their main occupation. This causes rather rapid advances in the sciences, as well as in most other areas, as a significant percentage of the population are involved in understanding things better, and in advancing the state of affairs by exploring new avenues.

This pursuit of the unraveling mysteries of life is probably also what makes us HoloWorlders mostly very vibrant, active, and happy people. We're usually involved in something that is exciting, something that is unique, something we are discovering as we go along.