HoloWorld is based on principles of love, kindness, cooperation, tolerance and acceptance.

However, that is of course not something that can be enforced on an individual basis. You can't quite give everybody a love implant, you can't force everybody to be kind and openminded and accommodating. To be practical about it, some people are always going to be mean-spirited, aggressive, violent and narrow-minded, at least some of the time. But they can always learn.

As a whole, HoloWorld is a loving, kind and tolerant space. There is room for all kinds of life styles, beliefs, preferences and modes of expression. HoloWorld as a whole does not judge you and does not try to force you to be like everybody else.

There is also room for unloving, selfish and fearful people in HoloWorld. They probably aren't going to do all that well, as there is no competitive advantage to that. On the contrary, they will find that everybody else seems to be having a grand time while they are hiding away, sulking by themselves. Or course there will be plenty of people around who will invite you to expand your mind and your heart and join the rest of the world. There is counseling available, there is education, there are communities that can be very helpful in overcoming one's fears and learning the ropes of a free and cooperative world.

Love is a pervasive force in the universe, not just a silly human emotion. Love is the key to living in harmony with each other and with the rest of nature.

Love is to allow oneself and others to be as one is, and to live as one naturally lives. Love is to perceive the essence of people and things and life, and to see and appreciate the value of all things. Love is to go beyond separation and difference and abstraction and language and to feel the unity in all of existence. Love is to participate joyously in the dance of life, to hear the music of evolution, to feel the pleasures and pains of the journey though life, to see the beauty in all of the world.