Right and Wrong

One of the most destructive tendencies of the old civilization arrives from the misguided tendency of many humans to assume that they have the ability to assign universal values of right and wrong, and the right to impose these on everybody else.

Unfortunately the world doesn't really work like that. There is absolutely no guarantee that solutions that have been found to be workable for some people under one set of conditions will work well for everybody else under all other conditions and circumstances.

Humans have excelled in the creation, manipulation and expression of abstract information. The short-sighted conclusion is that this means that humanity understands the universe, simply because ideas and discoveries about it can be put into words. This is an error in logic that has escaped the awareness of the majority of humankind.

Thus ignorance, stupidity, prejudices, half-baked solutions, and empty words have often been institutionalized into laws, religions, scientific dogma, propaganda, population control, and other means for perpetuating violence and alienation and suffering amongst humans, and in relation to nature.

In HoloWorld there is no right for any group to monopolize the "right" way of living or thinking or feeling. There is no universal law book that tries to enforce a set of fixed beliefs on everybody.

On the other hand, there is plenty of freedom and opportunity to develop local groupings, communities, associations, schools and religious movements based on beliefs of what is right or wrong that their members are willing to share.

Notice the distinctions here. You can have any set of beliefs or values that you want, and you can associate with others with similar beliefs or values. However, the freedom stops at the point where you would try to enforce those beliefs on others who explicitly don't want them and don't share them.

Monopolization of values, or of just about anything else, is the enemy here.

None of this says that your values or beliefs are wrong, or that you ought to change them. However, HoloWorld has the meta-rule that there needs to be room in the world for both you and the people who might disagree with you. You will not be forced to be in the same place, or to sub-ordinate your beliefs to somebody else's, but there has to be room for all of you.

The overall civilization of HoloWorld is based on the tolerance of diversity and on a naturally developing order between many different approaches and life styles and values.