The health of a society can often be gauged by its prevalent attitudes towards love and sex. A society that represses sex and considers it something dirty signifies deep underlying problems.

HoloWorld as a whole has no norms or restrictions as regards to sex. Consenting adults are free to do as they please with each other and to talk openly about it.

Sex will typically be considered a physical expression of love. As such it can be considered a spiritual union and is very far from being something debased and dirty. However, sex as separated from love can indeed have its problems.

This is all a matter of personal choice. There will be no standards imposed as to how one is supposed to feel about sex. People who choose to deal with sex freely, openly and lovingly are free to do so. As are people who wish to keep sex restricted and hush-hush. However, the latter are more likely to isolate themselves than are the former. And neither have any right to enforce their lifestyles on everybody else.

A belief system that is quickly waning in HoloWorld is the idea that it is somehow very damaging to children to know about sex. The prevalent notion is rather that sex is a natural part of life, that children are created by sex, and that anybody, including children, can make better choices about something they are fully informed about.

The general agreement is also that it is wiser to heed the signals of nature when a young person is growing up than to impose arbitrary legal restrictions on sex. That is, a human is becoming sexually mature through puberty, and not through the legal action of governmental bodies.

For any kind of governmental body to set itself up as an authority on what sexual acts are permissible and who can have sex with whom is a perversion of nature and an invasion of privacy that isn't tolerated in HoloWorld. Luckily the rule in HoloWorld is that there aren't any governing bodies at all that have any right to meddle in people's personal affairs, so that covers sex as well as anything else people have personal preferences and choices about.

Prostitution or any other sexually oriented profession can generally speaking be practiced openly in HoloWorld, and will be just as honorable thing to do as any other service that is voluntarily practiced and that fills a need. By removing any artificially imposed criminality in sex work it is much more likely to be practiced under safe and sane circumstances.