Social Interaction

Tolerance and even celebration of diversity is the norm in HoloWorld. Everybody's different, yet we are all in a sense in the same boat, and we recognize the unity amongst us.

It is taken for granted that people of any race, gender, sexual observation or religious belief have equal rights to be what they are and to make their own choices. It is equally taken for granted that we are free to be different and there is no point in trying to live up to uniform norms of what is proper and acceptable.

Most groups are open to people of any race or gender. But on the other hand, it is perfectly acceptable that some groups choose not to be. As long as there is a choice as to whether one wants to belong or not. So, there are associations of black people, and there are clubs that are only for men.

We will often find that it can be extremely enjoyable to explore the lives and experiences of those who live differently than ourselves. Thus the norm in HoloWorld is to embrace the opportunities we get to explore different cultures and different lifestyles and to learn from them, rather than to try to convert those who are different from us over to our own way of seeing things. We become fluent in operating with multiple viewpoints, multiple cultures, multiple choices.

But again, those who choose to maintain more narrow, fixed beliefs and live more restricted lives, are free to do so. They are free to set up closed communities and to censor outside influences. However, any individual who wishes to leave such and environment must be free to do so.

Most inhabitants of HoloWorld will live largely in the moment, will be in touch with their own inner faculties, and will make their own decisions. Living in the past or living by rules from a book is not very viable in this society.

We are quite aware that we all operate from slightly different maps of the world. We each have a slightly different pair of colored glasses that we see the world through. We become more and more able to recognize each other's maps, and our own maps, and to look beyond them to recognize that underneath it all, what each of us want isn't all that different again.