What is HoloWorld?

HoloWorld is a hypothetical society that is scaleable to any size, from a size of one family to the size of a whole planet.

It is a society built on certain principles. Principles that both support pervasive freedom of choice and mechanisms for civilized, synergetic, ecological interaction and cooperation.

HoloWorld aims to be a society that works for everybody.

The primary measure for success is the maximum quality of life for the maximum number of individuals, families, communities, for society as a whole, for all species of life, and for the whole planet.

This is essentially a self-organizing system, a natural order that develops around certain core principles. We could also call it a cooperative anarchy. Things are laid out to make it most advantageous and rewarding to do good work and help others out, but the choice of what exactly to do is up to the individual and to the dynamics of small groups. HoloWorld doesn't work by force, but through spontaneous fulfillment you find in what you are doing.

Notice that this is not an attempt to design a specific community based on standards you would agree to, but rather to create a framework in which all kinds of communities can exist, including both those that you would feel affinity for and those you personally might find objectionable. This is the perspective of a whole civilization in which there needs to be room for all sorts of preferences and modes of living, in peaceful co-existence.

HoloWorld is a complex system with many interacting components. The principles at work within some of these different components of a society are described in the other documents in this web area.

HoloWorld is not a pre-packaged blueprint. It is not a master-planned community that is designed in advance. It is not something that needs to be agreed upon and financed and executed methodically in order to take place.

HoloWorld is a set of core principles that aim at maximizing the harmony and synergy between existing forces. The principles are quite clear. The exact outcome and the exact structures that will form is not clear and is likely to be quite surprising.

This is not about planning out the exact architecture and the detailed infra-structure and the uniform laws and regulations of an ideal society. It is about emphasizing those key principles that will ensure that these things will develop organically, locally and in great variety, and that the creative forces of humankind are leveraged to the utmost.

HoloWorld is something that is grown and cultivated. It is a continuously changing dynamic whole. It is both diversified into a multitude of expressions and unified by fundamental underlying principles. How it will develop is a journey of exploration and discovery for all the participants.