Work in HoloWorld is those activities that you do that you see a need for doing and that you enjoy taking part in.

There is no system of employment that forces you into driving off for 8 hours a day to work hard for somebody else on things that aren't meaningful to you, just to buy you the basic necessities of survival.

Work is closely tied to creativity. Each person or each group of people will create their own opportunities, will see needs that needs to be filled, and will fill them. In that sense, people are mostly self-employed, rather than being employed by corporations.

Most likely you will live and work in approximately the same location. The work you will find valuable to do will most commonly be closely associated with the environment you are in. That is, you look around you and find something that needs to be done, and you start working on it. Nobody will have to tell you, and there is no point in driving 20 miles away to do something you can do right here where you are.

There is no artificial separation between work and play. Work is likely to be playful and enjoyable, and your leisure activities are likely to be productive.

There is no lack of things to do in the world. There is always a need for improvement. Thus there is never such a thing as lack of work. Unemployment is a result of self-serving manipulations of the money system. Neither of these exist in HoloWorld.

So, work here is not dependent on finding an activity that somebody will pay you for, no matter how useless or even harmful and irresponsible it is. However, there are essential factors involved in choosing one's line of work.

To have a viable occupation requires that one scopes out the playing field well and chooses something that actually needs doing and would be valuable to somebody. You would not do that in isolation, it would depend on the environment you are in and the people you are with.

In HoloWorld you would voluntarily enter into relations with others that ensure that your basic necessities are taken care of. You are more likely to get what you need from others if you provide them with something they need. That is not necessarily on a one to one basis, but somebody somewhere must have appreciation for what you do in order for it to be valued and rewarded.

You might enter into a community relationship with others. That is, there will be a place to live and some people will take care of providing food, others will take care of providing energy, etc. For you to be recognized as part of such a community would usually require that you do something that is considered valuable for the community. It might just as well be telling jokes as it might be doing plumbing, it depends completely on what is appreciated in that community.

The more wide an effect your work has, the more widely you will experience the benefits. Doing something valuable for many people will be better rewarded than doing it for a few or only for yourself.

Decorating the walls in your basement might be hard work, but might not fill any great need for the environment you're in. But solving the food needs for hundreds of people would.

You will find that many people will choose work that fills needs for a great many people. Thus you will increasingly see that many basic needs are taken well care of without any hard work on your part. It truly only takes the efforts of a relatively small percentage of the population to fill the needs for food, energy and housing for everybody.

Thus it becomes quite viable and respectable to choose work that increases the quality of life beyond simply covering basic needs. Entertainment, art, sports, exploration and adventure become perfectly acceptable lines of business to be in for many people.

Inherent in all work is its perceived meaningfulness. What keeps people fulfilled in life is that they are doing something that they perceive as meaningful and valuable. There are no dusty book that will teach you what is meaningful in life. It is something that each individual must know and feel all by themselves. It would be a crime to force people to do work that they don't consider meaningful.